Analysis of one flew over the cuckoos nest

Trying to evoke an apology from McMurphy and Chief Bromden for keeping another patient from having an enema, Nurse Ratched fails and angrily sends the two men to have electro-shock therapy.

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Yet, most patients on the ward are voluntarily committed and have the ultimate power over their fate. Because the faculty believes he is deaf and mute, he is allowed to sweep in areas where he can overhear sensitive information.

Hire Writer McMurphy is also a con man for most of the novel Foster 2.

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Look at what happened to the person that tried, and he was only fictional. Never have I been so disappointed in an ending.

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Upon realizing his own value at the end of the novel, Chief Bromden participates in the mercy killing of McMurphy which allows for his own complete liberation, as well as that of the other patients.

She lets Sefelt give his medication to Fredrickson just to teach a lesson.

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