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More complicated still, people may not even be consciously aware that they hold biased attitudes. Pages in Handbook of Social Psychology, Vol.

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The reasons that men and women go to bars are for the most part, different and also how they are treated at the bar would be absolutely opposite. Personally, I hope to gain a further understanding of the attitudes and views towards Vietnam veterans, especially since my father is a veteran The researcher here is concentrating mainly on Indian arranged marriage system where parents will be playing a major role in choosing the attributes for their children who have reached the marriageable age Self-categorisation is the ordering of people as members of different social groups or nations, it provides supporters with a social identity, the in-group Text The three component model will be discussed and also attitude formation will be touched upon, before the link between behaviour and attitude can be examined a general understanding of how and why attitudes are formed needs to be addressed Fear is one of the most studied emotional appeals in communication and social influence research.

For example, consistency theories, which imply that we must be consistent in our beliefs and values.

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McGuire, W.

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