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In this paper we develop a new method that can reveal miRNAs able to regulate, in a coordinated way, networks of gene pathways. Other related computational biology works are presented in parallel BioMed Central issues by Das and Upadhyai [ 11 ] applied the GPS tool for localization of the ancestral origins of wild and captive gorilla genomes, of unknown geographic source, available in the Great Ape Genome Project [ 18 ].

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The Controller layer is the Java application designed using spring. The approach presented by Kuzmin et al. We also request you to contribute research papers in our journal at earliest. Given the strong correspondence between geography and genetics, a number of strategies have focused on the delineation of the precise geographic origin of human populations using high-resolution genetic data. The model layer is the PostgreSQL database containing sixteen tables. The system allows the reconstruction of combined gene networks, as well as performing the filtering of genes tissue-specific expression. Taking into account the evolution of host-pathogen interactions, genetic diversity of wheat and fungus must be monitored. BMC Genet.

Each session had presentations of bioinformatics applications. We applied the method to subtypes of breast cancer.

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It is increasingly evident that genes are not isolated from each other and the comprehension of how different genes are related to each other We also request you to contribute research papers in our journal at earliest.

Illumina sequencing reads were processed using the Bowtie2 [ 22 ] mapping program and assembled with the SPAdes genomic assembler [ 23 ].

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