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Elements of Small Business. Almost inevitably, a business's productivity will be reduced for a period of days or even weeks after a move. If you live in a drivable city, are there roads to avoid at certain times of day?

Later, the business outgrows that location or begins to find fault with its facilities, services, utilities, infrastructure or other features. If you have children, you will need to find housing that is within the boundaries of the school district you would like your children to attend.

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Depending on circumstances, you may have other financial issues to consider. Don't pity yourself. Moreover, different operating units may administer different aspects of the program.

Harzing's spiders weave the informal communication networks so important in connecting far-flung branches, subsidiaries and all strategic partners.

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If you don't want to take on a long-term mortgage to buy office space, consider a lease with an option to own. Robert Half Senior Executive Director Paul McDonald says, "Besides receiving corporate incentives to move, there are a number of professional and personal reasons workers may opt for a change of scenery, including a higher salary, better perks, more affordable cost of living or advanced job title. Infrastructure The existing infrastructure of a state plays a role in whether a company will choose to relocate there. Document potential risks such as disruption to production leading to delivery problems, loss of key employees who do not want to relocate, and escalating or unforeseen relocation costs. For firms that need specialized employees, it may be well worth it to relocate to an area where you can easily find these kinds of employees. Common mistakes include rushing the decision, focusing too narrowly on a few costs, failing to use available economic development services, ignoring quality-of-life factors, missing important environmental or regulatory concerns, and, believe it or not, failing to plan for future expansion. We'd love to hear your voice! These mistakes can be boiled down to hurrying too much and trying to do a move too cheaply. Sure, your employee could research this stuff on Yelp, but having a local's take can save them some time.
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What Does a Company Look for in a State Relocation?