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Had participated in McCarthy trials.

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Yuppie young, urban professionals who wore ostentatious gear such Rolex watches or BMW cars. The federal deficit also increased as spending exceeded revenues. The new Congress immediately set to work, with partial success, on Gingrich's "Contract with America," a set of proposals to cut taxes, limit congressional terms, adopt a balanced budget amendment, and other popular reforms. This year was the year America is thought to have fallen apart. They first made movements against Roe v. Despite an improving economic picture, Republicans were swept into office, led by such figures as Newt Gingrich of Georgia, and gained control of both houses of Congress. The sexual revolution made premarital sex okay, mostly since pregnancy was no longer a problem and neither was abortion. In Europe, the Soviet empire collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down, and noncommunist governments came to power in Eastern Europe. As the century drew near to its end it was clear that although the bipolar world of the Cold War was no more, political turmoil and economic strain throughout the world would continue to engage the nation and its leaders. At the end of Carter's term in office, i Inflation grew sharply worse as a second major oil crisis drove up prices. Immigration after the s brought increasing numbers from Latin America and Asia. In signing the law, Clinton, to the consternation of some Democrats, was moving to the right. Activist energies survived, however, in a revitalized women's movement, a gay-rights campaign, and support for environmental causes.

Despite the gains, working women's earnings still lagged behind those of men, and the workplace remained largely gender segregated.

Immigration after the s brought increasing numbers from Latin America and Asia. Many African-Americans enjoyed upward mobility, but others remained in poverty. Initially, the invasion of Iraq, promoted as an antiterrorism measure, won broad support.

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Vietnam Peace talks begin. The midterm elections of showed the results of growing anger by the electorate about social and cultural problems such as abortion, pornography, crime, family breakdown, welfare programs, and immigration. Within a few years Saddam was resisting his promise to permit U. The military buildup of the early s and the collapse of the arms-control process stimulated fears of a growing threat of nuclear war and gave rise to antinuclear demonstrations and nuclear-freeze resolutions. As global warming and other environmental hazards roused concern, the Bush administration downplayed the threat, advocated voluntarist responses, and rejected international efforts to address the crisis. Wade decision, and the ERA 2. The government of South Vietnam, which had been supported by the United States, fell in In the Middle East, Carter's efforts led to the signing of a formal peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, but his sheltering of Iran's shah led to a lengthy hostage crisis that nearly crippled the Carter administration.

National policy in regard to Native Americans rejected both the disastrous "termination" approach and traditional paternalism in favor of greater autonomy. In Democrat Jimmy Carter was elected president by a narrow margin.

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Why did it prove to be politically divisive throughout the s and early s? What significant problems continued to plague American Indians? In what ways did religious faith play a more decisive cultural and political role in the s and s?

Enduring vision chapter 30 notes

SDI, despite criticism of its cost and doubts about its effectiveness, appealed to American faith in technology. The new service economy of the late twentieth century brought prosperity to professionals, but less-educated Americans faced doubtful job security in fast-food outlets and discount superstores. With the Roe v. The Iran-contra scandal preoccupied the nation in but left Reagan's reputation largely intact. The immediate problem of inflation was met by a still higher discount rate. In addition to the cost, conservatives believed that the system undermined the work ethic. Meanwhile, turmoil in the Middle East and an upsurge of terrorism announced the beginning of a new era, one no less perilous than the darkest days of the Cold War. Saturday Night Fever -A movie that popularized disco music and dancing -Story: working class Italian kid from NY who rises to become dance star -Strengthened interest of disco singers such as Donna Summers -Linked disco music to a traditional American cultural theme VCR, CD, PC major technological advancements in the entertainment industry First Earth Day April 22, greenpeace non-governmental organization focusing on direct action, lobbying, research of issues such as global warming,deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling and anti-nuclear issues. Noncommunist governments came to power in eastern Europe, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Baltic republics declared independence. They first made movements against Roe v.

Thanks to the civil-rights movement, millions of African-Americans were able to experience significant upward mobility.

You can't lose hope.

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