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Water availability is shrinking fast in Pakistan. Last but not least, the role of media in upbringing our youth has been minimal throughout the history of Pakistan. Sindhi is the common language in the region of Sindh and Balochi is the most dominant language of Baluchistan region.

Of the 15 largest countries in the world in terms of population, Pakistan has by far the youngest population.

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Can there be any thing more illogical than this? Islamic heritage has great impact on Pakistani culture. Students of today are going to be the workforce of tomorrow. Pakistan has progressed alot but alot more is left to make this nation a better place to live in. We have a few well monitored motorways, but back-hauling transport network is in a dangerous and dismal condition. Unemployment is a multi-dimensional and complex issue which starts a vicious circle of associated problems like involvement of youth in politics, bank and household burglaries, social insecurity, lawlessness, use of drugs etc. A lot of our young people are busy indulging them in useless activities, thus spoiling their future. Use of the modern scientific knowledge is not acceptable to them.

We have so many cars on the roads today, that it is estimated that in another 15 years time, our infrastructure would not be able to cope with the urban commute and intra city traffic growth. With the way CAA has been running things, it is a wonder airlines are still coming to Pakistan.

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Commercial Courts: This is an area which I have been reading up a lot on lately. The number of pending cases, calculations need to be done is estimated mean average of approximately of 1. That is a great sign as it means greater chances of revolution.

Poverty in Pakistan does not affect people of Pakistan only but it has an effect on rest of world as well.

Many traditions, cultures, resources and strong religious beliefs are present in Pakistan. If you are at Sunday Bazaar and you have to go to the toilet, your options are limited.

Would you trust the cobbler with your hair?

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Progress in Pakistan