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That is, you will be given a scenario that could feasibly occur during a workday and will have to select how you would respond. I didn't answer it well, but the interviewer actually meant for us to answer that we should use other research or what other people have said to substantiate our individual opinions Overall, my feel is that they want to assess you to see how in tune you are with a consulting mindset.

The partner first asked me to introduce myself, so I talked briefly about my studies, my extracurricular activities, and a couple of my favorite hobbies.

I personally used Assessmentday to prepare, though there are other providers like graduatemonkey.

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Tell me about an activity or task that comes easily to you. You will soon be told if you have performed well enough to advance to the next stage. All told, my interview lasted about 35 minutes, and the lady who interviewed me was really lovely and put me at ease.

They want you to be animated and enthusiastic. How do they go about doing that? Afterwards, the partner will give you feedback on the story and the presentation, and will ask some probing questions about why you chose it.

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The main skills being tested here are: Your ability to stay calm under pressure How you prioritise Whether you can complete day-to-day tasks accurately and quickly Your ability to remain professional and polite at all times. Learning for a Changing World — The Aptitude Tests In stage two, you will tackle case studies, multiple-choice questions and an online test based on the theme of how technology is changing our world and the way people work. What challenges did you face? Lately there have been a lot of shady posters offering unspecified services to help people through the process, most of which seem to involve paying money for materials of an unknown quality. After the test, you should receive some personalised feedback indicating what you did well and what you could improve on. Best advice for the tests is to practice repeatedly several times a day for a few days before the tests. We were then given eight large paper cards with a different business scenario on each, and we had to pair each of these scenarios with one of the ten trait cards we had selected, jointly agreeing on each pairing. All the candidates reentered the conference room and we were asked to sort through about 50 cards as a group, each card with a different trait written on it.
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