Fastavro write a letter

Using Cython and a little bit of work the was achieved without too much effort.

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One of the problems we faced was that the Python Avro package is very slow comparing to the Java one. The main downside for is that people want to hire me and not Solutions. Review more details about formatting and take a look at another example of how to format a business letter.

Args: f: Avro file to read. This means I need to work harder to market the other people who I work with - I can't do everything. See Snappy and Avro documentation for more details. Learning to say "no" was the hardest thing for me. This complicated the build process a bit since now the C extension is generated using Cython in external Makefile.

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In this post I'll show how fastavro became faster than Java and also Python 3 compatible. Records that are of simple types will be mapped into corresponding Python types.

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As Robert said, this approach made fastavro better with strings, unicode and other things which were glossed over the 2. We take care to avoid extra copies of data while slicing large objects by use of a memoryview.

Or maybe hire someone for that? The social network is by far my biggest source of new jobs.

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Sample Format for Writing a Letter