Favourite day

It is very pleasant. In the morning, we have breakfast at 9. I read books with them. Everyone must stand in a line from 1st to 31st you may have some people holding two badges if you have a smaller class.

I love chilling out with my husband and my children.

my favorite day of the week speech

We always have an icecream for dessert. Then write up the missing numbers on the board. On the board down the right hand side you write st, nd, rd, th. This is a happy place. In the evening I usually watch the TV.

describe your favourite day of the week ielts cue card

I usually have lunch at home. Marie-France's favorite day My favorite day of the week is especially Saturday because I go shopping with my friends, but in fact I have many favorite days.

Nobody works. You could have a points system whereby every time you hear someone say a word in English you give their team a point.

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What is your favorite day of the week ?