How to write a two weeks notice letter for a restaurant

Any other details or requests. The example professional two weeks notice found on the page is a good sample for this reason.

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It may for example be access to technology or simply the act of working itself. Your last day of employment. Happy memories that you take away from the experience.

Restaurants are unique workplaces because each staff member is dependent on his or her coworkers.

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Even if your employers don't ask you to help with the training, you should at least give your replacement some pointers and provide information to help him or her acclimate to the position.

I will of course continue to work as hard as ever during my last two weeks and am also willing to help train a replacement cook, if needed.

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If you have to give up your job working at a restaurant for some reason, maintain your professionalism by going through the proper process of resignation. I wish ABC Family Restaurant continued success and thank you for your patience and cooperation with me at this time.

Be sure to keep a positive tone to avoid burning any bridges. Sure, you could stomp off with a day's notice and no explanation, but it's a small world. Depending on how your relationship with your boss is, this letter can take many forms. You may need a reference from your employer in the future.

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How to Write a Two Weeks Notice (with Pictures)