Information systems security and control

The process owner is responsible for properly defining, improving upon, and monitoring these processes.

types of controls in information systems

It is advisable not to access your financial or personal data while attached to a Wi-Fi hotspot. We will then follow up by reviewing security precautions that individuals can take in order to secure their personal computing environment.

Click to enlarge. This is called symmetric key encryption. An organization should make a full inventory of all of the information that needs to be backed up and determine the best way back it up. What if a consultant is hired who needs to do work on the internal corporate network from a remote location?

What are some of the latest advances in encryption technologies?

types of security measures in information systems

There are many good antivirus software packages on the market today, including free ones. Employees should be trained to secure their equipment whenever they are away from the office.

When the primary site goes down, the alternate site is immediately brought online so that little or no downtime is experienced. Do not click on the link directly if you are at all suspicious.

What information does the organization actually have?

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Information System Security and Control