Project report on comparison of stock

The concern should not be only on increasing the customer base but to increase the relation with them.

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There will always be some instances when a caller will have to make a series of calls before finally getting to talk directly with the prospect. It may be a receptionist, an assistant, or a spouse. Judicious planning that is customized to meet the future needs of the customer deliver a service that is exemplary. Special Personal Inbox for order and trade confirmations. Presently, trading in commodities is restricted to futures contracts only. Only securities company and client is involved. Online share trading is less time consuming and cheap, so online trading is much better as compared to offline trading. Fast Forward to s In s and s, it was increasingly realized that an efficient and well-developed securities market is essential for sustained economic growth. Liquid stocks are very easy for traders to buy and sell. Higher Brokerage rates with slabs The delivery brokerage is pegged at 0. Rally lite- it is also an online trading product. No online trading facility is given. Technical analysis is considered slightly more useful in forecasting trends than fundamental analysis, but significantly more useful in predicting turning points. Often these will show green bars for up days and red bars for down days.

Changes in accounting accruals earnings minus operating cash flows frequently are used as proxies for managerial manipulation of earnings numbers. Trends tend to persist over time.

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Higher Brokerage rates with slabs The delivery brokerage is pegged at 0. Various platforms of R-ACE have been designed to suit the varying needs of different investors.

Automated Portfolio to keep track of the value of your actual purchases.

Project report on comparison of stock

This is incorrect. In some time you get confirmation and after the trade settlement your bank and depository account will reflect the changes which you can view anywhere, anytime. The site gives access to superior content and transaction facility to retail customers across the country. Sharekhan set standards enabling further comfort to the investor by promoting paperless trading across the country and emerged as the top 3 depository participants in the country in terms of customer serviced. For this I think that Religare should start increasing the trust among the clients so that they can be recognized as a good and trustworthy stock broking company. Stock Market which is a market where the trading of company stock, both listed company securities and unlisted take place. These exchange do not work of its own, rather, these are run by some persons and with the help of some persons and institution. The trade on an exchange is only by members and stockbroker do have a seat on the exchange. Significance of the project. Religare will have to take different steps regarding the various promotional measures to conduct and also for the decreasing the formalities in the process of account opening so that the cost of the whole process can be reduced and more services can be provided to the clients. Leaving a Message-Leaving a message that works is an integral part of selling on the telephone. Cochin Stock Exchange 6. It was in those troublesome times between and that brokers organized an informal association and finally as recited in the Indenture constituting the Articles of Association of the Exchange.

Stock exchanges The introduction of the concept of the stock exchanges in India came with the breaking of the American Civil War and the idea materialized first in with the foundation of the Bombay Stock Exchange at the Dalal Street in Mumbai.

He is not a member of a stock exchange. Instead we provide services which are multi pg.

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Our monthly magazine, provides up-dated market information on market trends, investment options, opinions, etc. Indian Stock Market project Report is released after the end of every trading session and for a comprehensive performance analysis the firms release yearly or bi-annual project reports.

We offer services that are beyond just a medium for buying and selling stocks and shares.

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Each individual equity, market and index listed on a public exchange has a chart that 35 R. Primary market- an initial public offering takes place in the primary market. Meerut Stock Exchange 10 This will help Religare in providing best services to customers. Leaving a Message-Leaving a message that works is an integral part of selling on the telephone. Investors and traders can measure buying and selling interest by watching how many up or down days in a row occur and how their volume compares with days in which price moves in the opposite direction. They are the members of stock exchanges. Then followed the proliferation of exchanges, many of them even does not exist today. Several points follow: 1. A trend reflects the average rate of change in a stock's price over time. Real time streaming quotes, tic-by-tic chart. Religare with Kotak Securities: In Religare the client can open an account without paying a single rupee, but that is up to a certain period after that the client has to pay an amount of Rs. Off-season market- p.

Often these will show green bars for up days and red bars for down days.

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