Project report on investment avenues

Research paper on investment behaviour in india

Real assets are represented by tangible assets like residential house, commercial property, agricultural farm, gold, precious stones, and art. The majorities of the respondents are prefer first priority by Insurance and Pension Schemes and main purpose of investment is that steady income and earn high return within short period. Tax Saving: The investors should get the benefit of tax exemption from the investments, which provide tax exemption to the investor. To find out the objectives behind the investments. The variables that relate to structural position of the respondents are age, education, occupation, income, savings and investments. Analysis has been done through various statistical tools i. Financial forecasting 5. To study investment behavior of investors and the factors that affect their investment decisions.

Why Is It Governance Necessary? Likert scale 2.

Research paper on investment avenues

Lifestyle: Investors want to ensure that their assets can meet their financial needs over their lifetimes. Bhanu sireesha, Ch. However, since their emergence, these products have become very popular and by s, they accounted for about two thirds of total transactions in derivative products. The important financial assets are equity shares, corporate debentures, government securities, and deposit with banks, post office schemes, mutual fund shares, insurance policies, and derivative instruments. Thus the finance manager plays an important role in any business enterprise. Personal or individual objectives may be related to personal characteristics of individuals such as family commitments, status, dependents, educational requirements, income, consumption and provision for retirement etc. The principle of insurance so far as the undertaking of the obligation is concerned is that for the payment of a certain sum the guarantee will be given to reimburse the insured. However, like all debt funds, gilt funds too are exposed to interest rate risk.

Every investor differ from others in all aspects due to various factors like demographic factors which includes socio- economic background, educational attainment level, age, race and sex. Diversification - Purchasing units in a mutual fund instead of buying individual stocks or bonds, the investors risk is spread out and minimized up to certain extent.

Investment need: It refers to how much money does the investor needs at the time of maturity.

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However, like all debt funds, gilt funds too are exposed to interest rate risk. Investors buy stock in the form of shares, which represent a portion of a company's assets capital and earnings dividends.

Futures: A futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell an asset at a certain time in the future at a certain price. Your stake may authorize you to vote at the company's annual general meeting, where shareholders usually receive one vote per share.

I added and simplified the governance and investment management processes surrounding strategic transformation to embed the transformation within the culture and remove it from being just another The Investment Decision, the Financing Decision and the Dividend Decision Are Sides of the Financial Management Triangle with Visible Interface.

It is possible for a stock to be listed on more than one exchange.

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Many types of scrip had been value creators for the investors. The circle of life begins at birth follower by education, marriage and eventually after a 42 Life time of work we look forward to life of retirement. As a business however insurance is usually recognized as some form of securing a promise of indemnity by the payment of premium and the fulfilment of certain other stipulations. Currency swaps: These entail swapping both principal and interest between the parties, with the cash flows in one direction being in a different currency than those in the opposite direction. Generally higher risk may mean a potentially higher reward, while a lower risk will mean a lower reward. In designing the investment portfolio, the investor should consider their financial goals, risk tolerance level, and other constraints. Issued by the Government of India, these investments have little credit risk risk of default and provide safety of principal to the investors. Age and stage of the population will also affect the fraction of aggregate income spent Fisher J,

Details of the trade are transmitted electronically to the stockbroker who is responsible for settling the trade. To know various options available in the capital market to invest. The protection which it affords takes form of a guarantee to indemnify the insured if certain specified losses occur.

They committed fundamental mistakes in the decision-making process.

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