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University of Florida The University of Florida offers courses on Coursera on topics such as animal agriculture, astronomy, music, financial planning and health care delivery. Additionally, Yale offers classical music, political morality, religion and global finance classes through Coursera. University of California, San Diego On Coursera , UC San Diego has classes that cover areas such as drug development, bioinformatics, big data, data structures, interaction design and the internet of things. In addition, the system allows people to take classes that are currently in session at Stanford for a fee. Johns Hopkins University The Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University has JHSPHOpen , where people can find courses on a variety of health-related topics, such as nutrition, global health, infectious diseases, epidemiology, obesity economics and industrial hygiene principles. Harvard also offers classes on edX that cover topics like Buddhism, statistics, earth science, biochemistry, classical music and world literature. The following is a comprehensive list of these schools. In February , courses had been translated into Chinese and of them were used by professors in courses involving a total of 8, students. Columbia University Through Coursera , people can take Columbia University classes in subjects like financial engineering, health informatics, economics, construction management and environmental science. For example, the University of Texas at Austin provides classes in linear algebra, human geography, jazz appreciation, education and computer science on the platform, while the University of Texas at Arlington offers engineering, social network analysis, science of yoga, predictive modeling and data analysis courses. Some of the areas available through this program include courses on computer science, world literature, the science of cooking, probability, China and ancient Greek heroes. Also, the school has classes in the science of parenting, data science, machine learning, virtual reality, data analytics and computer graphics on edX.

On edXthere are classes in information and communication technology, machine learning, innovation leadership, data analysis and analytics modeling. California Institute of Technology Caltech offers courses on economics, finance and quantum cryptography on edX and neuroscience, astronomy and biology on Coursera.

University of California, Davis UC Davis offers classes on market research, web development, content marketing, coaching skills, data specialization, Spanish vocabulary and wine analysis on Coursera.

With Carson, students remotely travel to historical places associated with the civil rights movement, including the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, where King spent his last days, and Selma, Alabama, where the historic march to Montgomery began.

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Northwestern University Coursera users can take courses from Northwestern University on social media marketing, reproduction, organizational leadership, teaching music and health care careers. Its additional campus is also located in residential area of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

The system provides access to lecture slides, examinations and homework assignments that were part of each course.

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From tothere have produced courses at the national level by universities. MOOCs vs. Wesleyan University Wesleyan University has courses on creative writing, data analysis, ancient Greece, liability law and the psychology of memory on Coursera.

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Users can study subjects such as tropical parasitology, programming fundamentals, human psychology, visual perception and the brain, sports and society, genetics and evolution, chemistry, nanotechnology and behavioral finance. The Juilliard School The Juilliard School offers classes on piano, music theory, orchestral instruments and performance on edX. The following is a comprehensive list of these schools. Boston University Courses from Boston University in social media marketing, digital leadership, product management, global health, sabermetrics, ethical leadership and poetry are available on edX. Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT offers a variety of classes through edX , such as entrepreneurship, quantum mechanics, supply chain design, probability, synthetic biology and classical mechanics. Class subjects include German opera, environmental science, retail fundamentals, engineering and classical literature. Among the topics available through this OCW are jazz improvisation, production techniques, songwriting, music arrangement and harmony.

In addition, Johns Hopkins University offers courses through Coursera that cover subjects including neuroscience, dementia, prostate health, psychological first aid and international travel wellness and safety. The Stanford Online website went through an extensive redesign recently to improve how learners can find which course is right for them.

Flexilearn is a very useful open course portal. University of Michigan The University of Michigan offers free courses on edX covering areas such as social work, grant writing, neuroanatomy, education, public library marketing, physics and data science. Among the topics available through this OCW are jazz improvisation, production techniques, songwriting, music arrangement and harmony.

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Email By Alex Shashkevich Aiming to promote life-long learning and share knowledge with the general public, Stanford University has put extensive efforts into providing free online courses to anyone, anywhere. MOOCs vs. In addition, the University of Michigan's OCW initiative, Open Michigan , includes course materials, datasets and tutorials from its 19 colleges. The meeting was held with four Japanese universities that had mainly been recruited through the efforts of MIT professor Miyagawa, and his personal contacts. The site currently lists more than available online classes , which include courses such as Language, Proof and Logic , Living at the Nuclear Brink: Yesterday and Today and Introduction to Computer Networking. For example, a recent MOOC, called Sports and the University, was used in two undergraduates courses to help prepare students for in-class discussions and provide content for final projects. On edX , courses are available on creativity and entrepreneurship, music for wellness, the music business, vocal recording technology and music theory. Topics covered include global history, computer architecture, Buddhism and modern psychology, structural engineering, capitalism and cryptocurrency technologies. Similarly, the university has classes on edX covering cybersecurity, IT project management, leadership management, sustainability and global markets.
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