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She lives off of fish, and uses plants for other necessities like clothes and building materials.

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At times they are bothered by Aleuts who come to take otter from the island. Jordan is initially suspicious, coming up from behind and pointing her gun at Lincoln.

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Karana is upset by the negotiations for two reasons. Along one building is a Reebok ad showing Jamal Starkweather, sponsor for Starkweather Two Delta; a big, brawny football player striking a mean pose with a mean look for the ad.

Island of the blue dolphins chapter summary

One nurse talks to two men in orange lab coats. Merrick has told the U. Jordan dangles over the side of the logo, yelling in terror for Lincoln to hold on to her. For starters, Rontu dies. As the Blackhawk helicopter tries to maneuver for another shot, the logo tips over and crashes right on top of it, taking out its main rotor and sending it plunging to the ground alongside the huge letter R logo, seventy stories down, with Jordan and Lincoln struggling to cling to the logo. I hate it when that happens. Once she reaches the shore, she gives in to living her life on the island — at least until the white men return to rescue her. But Lincoln Six Echo has a trump card. Lincoln and Jordan do a search on their sponsors.

But, when it is time to leave, there is a disagreement and a fight. As they go down a lift, Jordan turns and sees Laurent behind her.

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After her long stay on the Island of the Blue Dolphins, another ship comes to her harbor. The squad car stops at a red light, and Laurent's armored truck sideswipes it from the intersection, smashing clear through it.

Summary of the island of the

One day, Karana and Ramo spot red sails on the horizon while they are out gathering roots. Newly extracted Agnates going pre-integration conditioning are seen being administered lethal injections. While outside, the Aleut girl surprises her. Before fleeing to her cave to hide, Karana notices that they have brought a young girl who does chores while they hunt. Reading a medical profile on Lincoln, Laurent sees that Lincoln was implanted with micro-sensors for a synaptic scan. Over the following days, the girls grow closer, teaching each other words. And what about new human survivors; where do they come from? Jordan Two Delta shares the bacon with Lincoln Six Echo, teasingly saying he needs all his strength for tonight, where she promises to go easy on him. Karana tells him there is no time to go back for it, but once Karana is on the ship, Ramo is nowhere to be found. He is gone for a long time, but one day a ship with white sails comes to Ghalas-at. In the confusion, he slips the bracelet out of his pocket and snaps it around Tom Lincoln's wrist.

Distracting Gandu Three Echo with small talk, Dr. Merrick wants to run some medical tests on Lincoln Six Echo.

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Things start to go downhill around this time. As the ship sails away, she looks fondly back and the island but is hopeful that her future will be even happier. Merrick is amazed and impressed-- Lincoln Six Echo could have taken over his sponsor's life, but instead has come back. It is the point to which the rising action leads. Merrick is speaking with Gandu Three Echo. A fight breaks out. But everything she has built falls into danger when an earthquake and a tsunami come to Ghalas-at. Merrick says. In the expectation that the ships will return for her, she gathers food for herself. There is disagreement between the two, for the Aleuts had caused trouble on the island some years before. Tom Lincoln's glasses have fallen off in the struggle, and there's no way to tell him apart from Lincoln Six Echo. To do this, she builds a spear with a long string attached, which she can throw over long distances and then reel in.

Lincoln peers into what looks like a security camera near the door; it reads his retinal prints, which are a match for his sponsor's; the door unlocks and opens for them. In two years, his liver will begin failing. He doesn't see them as having souls.

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