Teltech companys development of new and innovative knowledge management

It is tempting when managing knowledge to create a hierarchical model or architecture, similar to the Encyclopedia Britannica's Propaedia, that would govern collection and categorization.

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Individual knowledge analysts reported, for example, that they must often "sell" the idea of calling an expert to a client. This is essential for providing a cost-effective solution which will be accepted by the users and can be evolved in the future.

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And they will need the right hardware and software tools to do that. It has been said that attention is the currency of the information age.

Knowledge management and collaboration

Computers and communications systems, on the other hand, are good at capturing, transforming and distributing highly structured knowledge that changes rapidly. Instead, descriptions of environments should be "quick and dirty," and only as extensive as usage warrants. Knowledge management requires knowledge managers. The first order of business has been to establish the framework a company will use to govern its approach to knowledge. Other librarians are content for their technical professionals to use Teltech for expert discussions, but encourage use of their own database search services. Its initial charter was to capture and leverage knowledge of the product-generation process in the various HP divisions. It is tempting when managing knowledge to create a hierarchical model or architecture, similar to the Encyclopedia Britannica's Propaedia, that would govern collection and categorization. Each entry was submitted to an editor, who screened it for usefulness and relevance. But once Fresh Choice acquired the other firm, in an effort to acquire its intellectual capital as well as some excellent locations, the transfer of knowledge inside the firm occurred with more difficulty. How much does it cost an organization to forget what key employees know, to be unable to answer customer questions quickly or at all, or to make poor decisions based on faulty knowledge? But how do you manage knowledge? Gotschall Introduction: Bankers Trust Company-a major global financial force-is a trailblazer on Wall Street when it comes to knowledge management. Teltech's goal is to have the terms in the database that are used by clients. A knowledge management function could inspire resentment and concern within the organization if it seeks to collect and control all knowledge.

Furthermore, the knowledge managers themselves should not imply by their words or actions that they are more "knowledgeable" than anyone else. If my knowledge is a valuable resource, why should I share it?

Knowledge management criteria

If my job is to create knowledge, why should I put my job at risk by using your knowledge instead of mine? This rapid change in knowledge environments means that companies should not spend considerable amounts of time in mapping or modeling a particular environment. Illustration by Evangelia Philippidis. Each expert is asked on being recruited by Teltech to fill out a detailed biography form. They consider this one of the most important goals. Product Processes has adopted many approaches to knowledge transfer in the past, including catalogues of documents, video and audiotapes of meetings, best practice databases and the Work Innovation Network, a series of meetings and ongoing discussions on change management topics. Many companies are beginning to understand that the knowledge of their employees is their most valuable asset. And Corporate Information Systems is putting document-based knowledge of procedures, personnel and other information into Web and Lotus Notes systems; its managers argue for a "pull" approach to knowledge distribution accessed when needed , rather than the typical "push" strategy. The information management innovations described above are relevant to almost any firm. But while knowledge management is expensive, the obvious retort is that not managing knowledge is even more so. Knowledge management means improving knowledge work processes. They involve developing close, long-standing relationships with information customers, and in many cases mean changing customer behavior, which is always difficult. Not only is the amount of information multiplying, but the kind of data the company oversees is being transformed from simple text to more robust multimedia and other types of information.

The case deals with crucial issues of knowledge transfer and knowledge organization, and innovations in the field of knowledge management.

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Some Principles of Knowledge Management