The challenges of single parent families essay

Other nonnuclear families in which the children were being raised by at least two adults. Now a family can be a single mom, a single dad, a same sex couple or a separated or divorced mother and father with their biological or adopted child or children.

I was brought up by a single parent.

The challenges of single parent families essay

In this text, I highlight the most common challenges single parents face. This population has steadily increased over the past decade and continues to warrant the attention of mental health professionals. Financial instability and emotional strain are a few of the things that children with one parent live through every day. Family life has changed dramatically over the years. Our relationship was a roller coaster. A traditional family is defined or described as two parents working together to solve anything that goes on in their house. It generated different viewpoints from different literature, and suggested an approach to meet the needs of single-parents. According to Richard Kinsey single parent children worried more about school, family, future, finding work, crime, and their environment by a large margin Now we have seen the pressures that single mothers face, but what about single fathers because there are many of them in the world today. Commonly, a single parent is the only bread earner of the entire household and is, therefore, unable to give more time to the children due to work pressure. Other challenges that the single parent has to cope with include: joint custody of the children, visitation by the other parent, acquiring child support, etc. In the United states alone there are approximately She is pregnant and also overweight, mostly due to her diet, which consists of lots of processed foods and fast food. The main problem with single parenting happens to be time management. Worthen, Molly.

It is not like in today's society, where you can approach an elderly person the way you feel like. We set the bar. Single parenting would be where one parent is in charge of the household and cares for the child. I had our daughter when I was a year old senior in High school.

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Marriage is a concept bigger than ones happiness and it is the basic for creating a peaceful home for the family. Children of single parent homes also face stress by always worrying about everything that is going on in their lives.

Both a father and a mother are needed to create a stable environment and a positive place from children to live. Over the last 20 years there has been a rise in single parent families living in the United States.

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Single Parent Essay