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From the View menu, choose Draft to switch to Draft view. The numbering will also apply to any subsequent headings that you enter.

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In that case, we would choose Heading 2 as the default style to follow a Heading 1. The Thesis Process: The thesis itself is expected to constitute an original contribution to knowledge.

Use OD4B to manage and sync your thesis files and also to share them with the members of your thesis examining committee see below. Note 2: You could have selected a pre-formatted numbering style such as however, the procedure outlined above makes it clearer to you that you can attach any numbering scheme to heading level styles.

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Note that a list of all tables appears. The Ideal Strategy to Thesis Template A thesis outline was created to make sure that the aims for the onset of the thesis would be placed together in such a manner that each of the variables crucial into the reach of the analysis are thought suitably. Use OD4B to manage and sync your thesis files and also to share them with the members of your thesis examining committee see below. Type the footnote text: Now, you can return to the place in the document where you were working by: Double clicking on the footnote number To make changes to the settings, if necessary, click on the Insert menu, choose Footnote: Here you could make changes to the number format, restart the numbering, convert footnotes to endnotes use Convert button for this , etc. Scroll down until you see the Prelim Headings style in the list. After their review, they will email you the updated copy and a PDF copy along with instructions with the next steps. State your hypothesis at a crystal clear and concise method. Note that you see all Heading 2s under that heading. The full four-page version is available here in PDF format, or in the I. Choose the lower case roman numerals from the Number format: drop down list, and set the Start at: to be ii by clicking on the up arrow beside this setting so the window looks like this see image below and click OK. To update a List of Figures or a List of Tables, hold down the control key on your keyboard while you click your mouse and choose Update Field; you will then be prompted to Update page numbers only or to Update entire table; choose one and then click OK. Initially, you will not see any indication that a bookmark exists, but the next step will describe how you can view a bookmark 'codes' so you will know where your bookmarks are. It is linked from the UWaterloo Library website in the right panel. However, there are a couple of templates that have been designed to assist students in formatting their theses according to the Thesis Formatting and Preparation guidelines. Most other styles are based on this Normal style, so modifying the Normal style can have the effect of modifying other styles in the document.

If you want to easily make a cross-reference to the table or figure, Word must maintain the caption. Click on the AutoCaption button. Just like LaTeX, employing a great template could possibly be an efficient shortcut to some large design.

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