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China's Consumer Groups Accomplisheds seek strategic advantages to improve their position in society. VALS Framework and Segment These consumers are on the leading edge of change, have the highest incomes, and such high self-esteem and abundant resources that they can induldge in any or all self-orientations.

They are located above the rectangle. Adapters are similar to Experiences but do not have the explicit drive for personal advancement or exploration. Consumers driven by demonstrating success to their peers are motivated primarily by achievement.

They are focused on the familiar-family, workand physical recreation-and have little interest in the broader world. Style is extremely important to them as they strive to emulate people they admire. These consumers are the high-resource group of those who are motivated by ideals.

The questions were weighted using data developed from a sample of 1, Americans and their significant otherswho responded to an SRI International survey in The VALS2 program has two dimensions.

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At the top of the rectangle are the Innovators , who have such high resources that they could have any of the three primary motivations. They have high incomes but are practical consumers and rational decision makers. They are successful work-oriented people who get their satisfaction from their jobs and families. These consumers are the low-resource group of those who are motivated by ideals. They actively seek self-gratification, excitement, experimentation, and sociability. They are successful work-oriented people who get their satisfaction from their jobs and families. They favor established products and services that show off their success to their peers. They are conservative and predictable consumers who favor American products and established brands. Use of the VALS Framework[ edit ] There is little to no evidence of the use of this framework on a wide basis by any other industry other than the ad industry as indicated by SRI on what little it shares on its website go to the SRI website for more info. Within their limited means, they tend to be brand-loyal consumers. The main dimensions of the segmentation framework are primary motivation the horizontal dimension and resources the vertical dimension.

The horizontal dimension represents primary motivations and includes three distinct types: Consumers driven by knowledge and principles are motivated primary by ideals.

They are politically conservative and respect authority and the status quo.

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