Where to buy old paper money

Most Choice Very Fine to Choice Unc type notes and rare types such as the Montgomery notes in most any grade. If you have these notes and are selling or even just looking to get them listed in the condition census please contact me. Extra Fine: Paper is clean and bright with only faint evidence of circulation or handling.

Rarity also involves the number of those coins or bills that are still around today.

Where to buy old paper money

I pay strong prices these notes and, in particular, for potential "condition census" material. Frederick and Doris Bart are members of the Professional Currency Dealers Association; they attend most major Coin and Currency shows and auctions nationwide. Contact Us ou can order with confidence from Executive Currency.

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Corners of the note may also be missing. American Rarities is a reputable paper currency dealer you can trust.

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Also Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia are specialties of mine and are looking for some of the rare notes in a variety of grades!

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German Old Paper Money products for sale