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If we used spinal manipulation, it is best to name the technique, if a common name exists, and also to describe the manipulation.

physical therapy case studies dune

His sitting balance was very good, as were his pelvic movements but his standing balance was poor. Example: This case presentation is a semi-professional cyclist who incurred a transfemoral amputation as a result of a road traffic accident. Gradually, movements of the intact leg were introduced.

how to write a medical case study

He incurred an emergency transfemoral amputation three weeks prior to the initial assessment with the author. Name your techniques, describe them in details and make sure to cite them properly.

Other contents for the title page should be as in the general JCCA instructions to authors.

Physical therapy case studies dune

He was managing to independently clean, toilet and dress himself and was ambulating using crutches. The introduction is where we convey this to the reader. Since they are summaries, both narrative and structured abstracts are easier to write once we have finished the rest of the article. With a structured abstract, the reader is more likely to be given the information which they need to decide whether to go on to the full article, and so this style is encouraged. This is usually impossible. He was a semi-professional cyclist who also worked in a very physical job in a bicycle shop. Therefore, before beginning to write the study itself, you should gather all of the materials relevant to the case — clinical notes, lab reports, x-rays etc. Her pain is described as a dull ache. J Can Chiropr Assoc ; 51 2 — Search by keyword, or select a diagnosis. If you had to apply certain modifications to your treatment, write about them. His main objective was to return to the life he had. Also, here you tell your readers about your discharge plan or referrals to another healthcare specialist. If you are using an image for your patient s , please respect their privacy and make sure to ask for permission before publishing.

The purpose of this case is to describe how to address a patient's needs where the overall expectation is a further decline or deterioration in function, and the physical therapist's goals are to maximize function and quality of life, while preventing secondary complications.

Example: The patient is a 24 year old man who was previously very fit and well with no medical history.

Physiotherapy case sheet

Did we decide to terminate care, and if so, why? Then gather all needed information and search similar cases in literature to make relations. Did the patient withdraw from care or did we refer them to another practitioner? Do not use more than approximately 15 references without some clear justification. Additional and useful resources for chiropractic case studies include: Waalen JK. The author simply tries to summarize the paper into a story which flows logically. As HD is a slowly progressive disease, individuals in the early stage usually have minimal activity limitations and participation restrictions. Example: This case presentation is a semi-professional cyclist who incurred a transfemoral amputation as a result of a road traffic accident. Search by keyword, or select a diagnosis. He was very angry that the truck driver that had caused the accident had been drunk and he felt like his life would never be the same again. After 3 days, he was referred to a physical therapist. Portions of these guidelines were derived from Budgell B.
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Guidelines to the writing of case studies