Year 3 writing assessment ideas for health

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The teacher can assess the way the students have drawn their models, which reveals that their understanding is not complete.

As noted in Chapter 3they speculate about the possible reasons for the differences, which leads to a discussion and conclusions about competition for resources, which in turn leads them to consider not only individual silkworms, but the entire population of silkworms.

For example, if you are studying the Montgomery Bus Boycott, have students write an interview with Rosa Parks about what happened. Hence, this assessment provides students with opportunities for learning about representations, while also providing the teacher with information about their understanding of a crosscutting concept pattern and disciplinary core concepts population-level descriptions of variability and the mechanisms that produce it.

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Have students demonstrate that they fully understand the main arguments for and against a modern issue, such as what restrictions, if any, should be placed on stem cell research or whether athletes should be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs.

The assessment activity and marking key formats are not prescriptive.

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Exactly what, if anything, is in between the air particles emerges as a point of contention as the students discuss their models. Design a travel brochure.

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25 of the Best Alternative Assessment Ideas